Laldy! is a bi-annual publication which comes out every March and September.


West of Scotland's Literary Journal




DEADLINE MAY 20th 2018


Note: If you have been published in the immediate previous issue to the one you are submitting for, please skip at least one issue before submitting again.




Poem length we are liberal with. Send only word files (or open office). We will reject PDF or any other files without reading. Please make sure your work is edited. We understand typos happen, and the odd glitch as well, but consistent errors will result in rejection of what might be an otherwise fine poem. Do not have capitals running all the way down the left margin. Send up to five poems on one document only. Poems must be in English (translations are welcome). We are not biased to any style, we publish form and free verse as well as anything else, as long as it works. Use Times New Roman or Arial. Put your name, email, and home address (for your free contributors copy) on the file you are sending (preferably on a page of its own). Please include a 50 words max biography. Email your headline as "Poetry".




Min 750 words, Max 5000 words for consideration. We will accept only up to 5000 words max per submission, and you may split this into as many stories that will fit into this word count, OR, you can submit one story up to this word count. When we say 5000 max, we will be strict as to anything going over this word count, keep in mind we are a magazine and we are very careful as to allocating space. Please email your headline as "prose." Prose in English only.


Prose must be formatted in such a way that it will not be difficult for us to change it from double spaced to single space. Please do not use any complex formatting. Please also use standard fonts (Times or Arial) size 10 or 12. Double spaced is fine as is single. We much PREFER SINGLE SPACED PROSE, as we do not need double spaced for major editing. Editing is YOUR responsibility, we will do a basic pass through, but rejections are sometimes made because someone has badly edited what could have been a perfectly good story. DO NOT put two spaces after full stops. This is an outdated way of typing.


Word or Open Office documents only. Any other form of submission will be rejected without reading.


Please also include a 50 word Biog.


For all submissions, include a POSTAL ADDRESS, so we can send you your free contributors copy of Laldy.


Please email all submissions to:







We do not accept a simultaneous submissions.