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We are a non profit literary organization which

aims to promote literary excellence by those who

are under-represented.


We offer four platforms for aspiring writers who display work

of a publishing standard; a bi-annual literary journal, Laldy!, an annual

poetry competition, and publication of individual poetry collections,

prose (both collections of short prose and novels) and live events.


We are an organization based in Paisley in the west of Scotland. We started off

running open mic events for those interested in reading and practising creative writing, and from there we decided to put Paisley on the map regarding what it harasses in terms of literature.


We published a pilot version of Laldy! in 2016 which became a local success. We have also worked with Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival as well as Scottish Pen, and Dove Tales.


And finally, why Clochoderick? Well...the press is named after

the Clochoderick Stone in Renfrewshire, not just a wonder in itself,

but also previously frequented by an older free thinking Paisley literary

group named "The Troglodytes," who would go to the stone for

an annual day out (as you can see from the background image).

We look forward to hearing from you, please visit our contacts page to get in touch.