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Clochoderick Press was started by

Round Table Writers, a constituted group of volunteers

passionate about literature, in order to create a platform for those who possess

literary excellence, but who are otherwise under-represented. We aim to provide platforms such as publication of individual works (collections of poetry or novels etc), showcasing individual pieces of works through our literary journal, Laldy,

running annual competitions judged by established names, and offering

workshops by veteran authors in order to promote high quality

writing. Our overall mission is to run Clochoderick as a non

profit service and to use any income to

invest in new literary talent.


* * *


Why the name "Clochoderick?"

The press is named after the Clochoderick Stone

in Renfrewshire, not just a wonder in itself, but also previously

frequented by an older free thinking Paisley literary group named

"The Troglodytes," who would go to the stone for an annual day out

(as you can see from the background image).

We look forward to hearing from you,

please visit our contacts page to

get in touch.




Chief Staff


R.K. Wallace: (Founder): Book Designer, Typesetter, Web Designer, Co-Editor, Head of the Department of Major Geek Outs Over Typing Fonts


Fiona Lindsay: Co-Chief Editor, Minute Taker, Head of the Department of Calmness and Great Snacks.


Tracy Patrick: Co-Chief Editor, Funding Researcher, Head of the Department of Best Jokes and Banter.