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Coming Soon to Clochoderick for 2018/2019



Jim Ferguson and Tracy Patrick are confirmed to join the list of authors at Clochoderick Press.


Jim is Glasgow's Alex Harvey/Bukowski, but with a

tender and often esoteric slant to both poetry and

prose. His new book, "Neither Oil nor Water" is, as

he put it himself, a simple romance set in early 1900's

Palestine, between a young Scots soldier and

a local young woman.



"...there were certain chapters when I stopped writing, saw the domestic situation I was in and thought, "I don't want to face this world, let's get back to the one I'm imagining."

― Alasdair Gray

Tracy's lengthier novel spans a few generations, it is a family

reunion which travels all the way from Paisley to Canada, layered with a history of the local threadmills.


Tracy is a well respected writer, frequently published in Gutter and New Writing Scotland. This will be her first full length publication.


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